General Notes And List Criteria

Unused Songs:

The following tracks are commonly listed as being used in these episodes, but further research has proven that they have actually been listed in error. The reason for this is unknown, but it has been confirmed that these songs were not, in fact, ever used on the show:

Call And Response - The Fool (incorrectly listed for 1.07 Craving)

Leave The World - 40 To 5 (incorrectly listed for 1.19 Crush)

Smashing Pumpkins - Rock On (incorrectly listed for 1.19 Crush)

Thievery Corporation - 2001 Spliff Odyssey (incorrectly listed for 1.19 Crush)

Trail Of The Dead - Source Tags And Codes (incorrectly listed for 1.20 Obscura)

Dem Hills - Settle Down (incorrectly listed for 2.09 Dichotic)

Gavin Degraw - Chariot (incorrectly listed for 2.20 Witness)

Keith Kohn - Bollywood (incorrectly listed for 3.01 Exile)

Fundamental - Bust It Out (incorrectly listed for 3.13 Velocity)

Songs By Composers:

Several tracks have been listed as commercial songs on other sites but have been determined instead to be composed by the series' music editor. These are, technically speaking, score. However, a few readers have asked us about them, so here is a list of the songs we're aware of having "overlooked":

Chris McGeary - Bridal Chorus (from 4.11 Unsafe)

Chris McGeary - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Wedding March) (from 4.11 Unsafe)

Chris McGeary - Reunion Of Old Friends (from 6.05 Reunion)

Chris McGeary - Dinnertime (from 9.16 Checkmate)

Rules Of The List:

1. There are several songs throughout the run of the series that have been used more than once. In these cases, it was decided to stick to a strict numbering in order of first appearance. In other words, a song's first appearance is numbered while all subsequent appearances of the same track are not. This was settled upon because the list is essentially intended as a playlist checklist, with each song from the series being represented only once to eliminate redundancy. For the sake of reference, however, these multiple appearances have been noted where they occur, with a reference back to the original episode in which the song first appeared.

2. The one exception to listing later appearances is the opening theme song, which is listed under first appearance only. This rule itself also has a single exception in the case of 1.21 Tempest, where "Save Me" is used not only as the credits theme, but also within the context of the episode narrative.

3. Generally speaking, score music (be it the work of Mark Snow or Louis Febre) is not included on this list. There is simply too much of this to catalog and, without cue names, it's relatively pointless to do so. The end credits music is listed at the end of the first season in which it appears (a decision reached in order to best remain in keeping with a "no repeats, first appearance" overall rule).

Promo Music:

1. Promo music is listed first for each individual season and then in order of broadcast. The one exception to this rule is if a promo song is also used in an individual episode. In these cases, the song's appearance in the episode will take precedence and it will not be listed under the promo section. An example of this is "You And Me" by Lifehouse. This song was used for a Season 4 promo, but it was also used in the episode "Spirit". Its appearance in the episode is what is listed as opposed to its appearance in the promo.

2. Score and instrumental pieces from the Smallville promos are typically not on the list as a rule (though there are a few exceptions here and there). Promo music, as it is, is a stretch as "music canon", so it was decided to include only those songs that actually contained lyrics and could be identified by artist.

I hope this helps to better explain why things are where they are on the list.

A Brief Dedication:

This list would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of my friend and soundtrack sage, Pete Casiello. This list is dedicated both to him and to the various artists and music libraries that have given so graciously of their trust and support. A special thank you to Mr. Eric Smeltzer of Premiere Radio Networks for going above and beyond to help a couple of rabid fans find the perfect song. Also, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the inhuman patience and priceless assistance of both JD Adams with Warner Bros. and Chris McGeary, Smallville's amazing music editor. Without their steadfast willingness to indulge the seemingly endless stream of emails asking for tidbits of song info over the years, this site would never have seen the light of day. Thanks also to KryptonSite for creating episode icons for Season 2 onward. DSS would never have been possible without the selfless help of so many and the continued support of the many loyal fans of Smallville, without whom there would be no show and no music. These fans have deserved a complete and comprehensive list of this music for years, and creating a resource to finally accomplish that has been both an honor and a privilege.


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